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5 Must-Have Upfits for Your Work Trucks

5 Must-Have Upfits for Your Work Trucks

Have you ever gotten ready to start a project but realized you didn’t have enough space in your trucks, meaning you’d have to take more time and trips to bring everything you needed?

What about being tasked with transporting different pieces of equipment and not being able to take everything in one trip because of lack of space?

Have you ever been in the middle of a project and suddenly ran out of power, needing a generator ASAP but not having one nearby?

These are many of the common hurdles that can happen on job sites – but, having specific upfits installed on your units will prevent these issues from happening, offering you immediate solutions when problems arise.

We’ve put together a list of 5 must-have upfits for heavy-duty work trucks, helping you stay productive while working.

1. Stakesides & Liftgates

When you pair stake sides and a lift gate, you’re unstoppable.

Adding stake sides to your truck rentals gives you security for equipment while you’re going back and forth from your job site, while also providing you the freedom to haul different sizes of machinery. We have both wood sides and metal sides depending on your preference. Plus, lift gates are great for loading and unloading equipment safely.

2. 3-in-1

Need a Miller 3-in-1? The Miller Bobcat Air Pak is perfect for work-truck operators needing to improve the reliability of their power equipment. Having an air compressor, generator and welder, these units are built to work.

Below are the details for the features of the Miller 3-in-1:

Air Compressor

  • 20 CFM (idle) and 30 CFM (full speed)
  • 80-175 PSIG (working pressure)
  • 100% duty cycle


  • 8,000 watts (peak wattage)
  • 6,000 watts (continuous wattage)
  • (2) 120-volt & (1) 120/140 volt receptacles


  • 210 amp output
  • 30-120 A (DC stick)

3. ARE Truck Cap/Tonneau Cover

Truck toppers and tonneau covers are the perfect upfit to avoid unpredictable weather and prevent theft of tools and equipment.

Our ARE truck toppers provide a locked, covered solution for your pickup bed, keeping your tools secure. Plus, they provide additional height for your bed so you can store larger pieces of equipment.

Tonneau covers provide a safe transport of tools, keeping your things protected against weather, debris or anything else that could ruin your equipment. 

4. Ladder Rack

Having extra storage for your work trucks is always a necessity. When you install ladder racks on your trucks, you instantly increase cargo space. Plus, they make it easier to load and unload equipment. Easily tie-down your equipment for security in transport.

5. Fuel Transfer Tank & Fill-Rite Pump

Having fuel at your project site makes work a breeze, always being prepared to fill-up your work trucks and machinery. Now, you don’t have to leave your project site to get additional fuel for your units.

These are just a few of the many upfits that PTR offers. We will custom-build an upfit solution for your commercial trucks, making them exactly how you need them. Our in-house upfitting team has a special upfitting process, putting all rental units through a thorough inspection before sending them to your project site to ensure reliability and efficiency.

Our upfit services are vast, ranging from installing brush guards and winches or tool boxes, to building a unit from the ground up with strobes, hose reels, lube skids and more. Regardless of your project site, we’ve got all of the accessories you’ll need for your fleet.

Check out our full upfit offering and add custom accessories to your work truck fleet today.

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