Premier Truck Rental Adds 14 New Trailers to Fleet

Premier Truck Rental Adds 14 New Trailers to Fleet

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – PTR Premier Truck Rental is excited to announce that we’re expanding our Utility and Telecom trailer offerings, adding 14 new units to our fleet. PTR is offering rent-ready units from Brooks Brothers, Larson, Tuf-Solutions and Reelstrong.

1.Brooks Brothers 3TRT 242-10KE Three Reel Turret Trailer

Perfect for electrical utility contractors, our Three Reel Turret Trailers are great to increase productivity by making it easier to pay in and out. Having a max GVWR of 23,500lbs and a revolving turret reel that’s lockable every 15 degrees, these units are ready to work.

2. Brooks Brothers CPT 6110 Coil Pipe Trailer

Whether you work in telecom, electric, oil and gas or a different industry, having a Coil Pipe Trailer on the job is incredibly beneficial. These vertical, self-loading units have a max payload of 5,500lbs and are safe and easy to use.

3. Brooks Brothers GPT 412-8KE Gas Pipe Trailer

As tough as they come. Our Gas Pipe Trailers have a max GVWR of 28,000lbs and payload of 22000lbs. Transporting large pipes to from jobsite to jobsite is no longer a stressor for you and your crew with these in your fleet.

4. Brooks Brothers PT122-8KE 18K Cargo/Pole Trailer

Moving materials and poles to your project site can be a hassle. Our 18K Cargo/Pole Trailer rentals have a max GVWR of 23,500lbs and axle size of 10,000lbs, making sure that you meet your project deadlines.

5. Brooks Brothers PTB 202-20KA 40K Pole Trailer

Do you work in the electrical or telecom industry? Our 40K Pole Trailers make moving large poles a breeze, having a load capacity of 17,000lbs and the ability to extend and retract to adjust to your pole size.

6. Brooks Brothers 15K & 25K Reel Stands

We’ve expanded our Reel Stand product line, offering 15K and 25K Brooks Brothers Reel Stands in addition to Brindle’s 16K and 25K Reel Stands. These Reel Stands come standard with tension brakes to safely hold back or pay out.

7. Brooks Brothers STRT 8108-8KE Single Reel Turret Trailer

Regardless of whether you work in oil and gas, municipal, electrical utilities or a different industry, our Single Reel Turret Trailers make working with wire and cable easier than ever, having a revolving turret reel that’s lockable every 15 degrees.

8. Larson 7500G Cable Trailer

Full of features to boost productivity, our LCT 7500 Cable Trailer is ready to work. Having a hydraulic reel turner, hydraulic lifting rack, figure 9 fork, receiver hitch and more, these units are perfect for utility contractors.

9. Tuf-Solutions MPT-40 Pole/Material Trailer

The perfect Pole/Material Trailers for your next project. Having an electric brake package, a GVWR of 16,000lbs and a payload of 11,200lbs, these units are great for any type of job or project application.

10. Tuf-Solutions PSP-47 Pole Trailer

When you work in power and telecom construction, you need a trailer to make moving large distribution or transmission-sized poles quick and easy. Our PSP-47 Pole Trailers have a max GVWR of 20,000lbs and are ready to work for you.

11. Tuf-Solutions TMB-40 Pole Trailer

Durable. Strong. As heavy-duty as they come. Our TMB-40 Pole Trailer will make sure that your poles are at your site when you start your project.

12. Tuf-Solutions HNB-4RC Reel Trailer

Moving reels is made easy. Our HNB-4RC Reel Trailers are great for fiber installation, cable placing, telecom projects, or any other type of job that requires reels that need transported.

13. Brooks Brothers PT-92 Cargo Pole Trailer

The best trailer for moving large poles or transporting different-sized cargo to and from your jobsite. These trailers are reliable and will carry your load with ease.

14. ReelStrong CLD20 Reel Trailer

Save time when working with cable with a CLD20 Reel Trailer. Now, you can keep your plow separate from the cable handling process and figure-8 in front of the plow, helping you place more cable in less time.

These trailers will be officially be available for rent spring and summer 2021.To learn more about our availability and get more information on any of the units above, call PTR at 844-644-9138 or email

About Premier Truck Rental

Our job at PTR is to give you the type of rental equipment that you want, when you want it and to make the rental process seamless. We work with you on making sure that you have the best units for your job and industry, providing you with Truck, Trailer, and Equipment Rentals that can be upfit however needed. We’re family-owned and operated with over 25 years of equipment rental experience. Serving all 50 states, PTR has the exact units for you to add to your fleet to kickstart your work.

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