Top 5 Trailers for Hauling and Transporting Equipment

Top 5 Trailers for Hauling & Transporting Equipment

Top 5 Trailers for Hauling & Transporting Equipment

It’s time to start another job and you and your guys are working together to figure out what types of trucks and trailers you need to get the job done. You’re trying to decide what type of trailer will be the best fit for your job and to help you meet your deadlines and demands. Plus, you have different-sized equipment that you’ll be using and need to make sure that you can haul and transport your gear quickly and easily. 

With a variety of trailer options available to rent, we’ve compiled our top 5 picks for hauling and transporting heavy equipment to help you decide which one is the right fit for you.

1 Equipment Trailer

Looking for a heavy-duty trailer that can carry bulky, oversized equipment? We’ve got you covered. Our Equipment trailers are versatile, lightweight and incredibly easy to use.

Our Low Pro Deckover Equipment trailers have:

  • (8) D-Rings
  • Integrated Tool Box
  • Front Side Entry Steps
  • Tie-Down Rails with Stake Pockets
  • Suspension Slipper Spring
  • Dual 2-Speed Jacks

These trailers are built to work, having a GVWR of 15,000lbs, GAWR of 7,000lbs and payload of 11,100lbs.

2 Gooseneck Trailer

Gooseneck trailers are incredibly adaptable when it comes to moving machinery to and from your job site. These trailers have an adjustable 21 – 29” gooseneck to help maneuver around your site.

We offer different sizes of Gooseneck trailers based on your needs: a 22.5K Deckover Gooseneck and 25.9K Deckover Gooseneck.

Our 22.5K Deckover Gooseneck trailer has a payload of 15,980lbs, GVWR of 22,500lbs and length of 41’6”. If you’re needing a trailer with a higher payload, our 25.9K trailers have an overall length of 35’ with a 5’ tail, payload of 15,980lbs and GVWR of 25,900lbs.

Tilt Bed Trailer

Tilt Bed trailers make loading and unloading equipment incredibly simple and stress-free. Designed with you and your crew in mind, these trailers come with an A-frame toolbox, tie-down rails with stake pockets and an adjustable coupler with a 2 5/16 ball and pintle hitch so you can adjust the trailer exactly how you need it for your truck.

All of our Tilt trailer rentals have a deck length of 18 ft, max GVWR of 16,000lbs, max payload of 12,045lbs and a deck height of 20in.

4 Tag/Bumper Pull Trailer

Whether you’re working on commercial construction jobs or are a contractor, our Tag/Bumper Pull trailers are great for projects like yours. With fold-up ramps, you and your crew can quickly and efficiently load and unload any size of equipment, making transporting and hauling machinery incredibly simple.

Our Tag Trailers have a max GVWR of 22,500lbs, deck length of 20ft and max payload of 16,960lbs. These trailers have tie-down rails with stake pockets to help keep your equipment safe and secure when it’s time for you to hit the road. 

5 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

When you need to store and organize your materials on the job and transport equipment at the same time, you need an Enclosed Tandem Cargo trailer. These trailers are perfect for keeping your tools safe and easily accessible while also making moving your equipment simple!

Our Enclosed trailers have a 20ft deck length, a max payload of 4,400lbs, max GVWR of 10,000lbs and interior height of 78.5in.

Curious to learn more about other trailers that we offer? We offer a variety of Telecom and Utility Trailers, like Pole Trailers, Reel Trailers and Fiber Splicing Trailers, as well as other job site trailers like Dump Trailers

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