F350 Mechanics Trucks

2 Industries with a High Demand for Mechanics Trucks

2 Industries with a High Demand for Mechanics Trucks

F350 Mechanics Trucks can do it all. We’ve talked about it before, but they truly are a fleet staple for any type of project. Whether you work in agriculture, telecom, construction or any other industry, these trucks are made for your line of work. 

Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in these heavy duty units being rented in two specific industries: 24/7 roadside assistance and ready-mix concrete. Keep reading to learn more about how our utility crane trucks are being utilized for such different projects.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Fleet maintenance is an integral part of working in construction. It’s important to make sure that your vehicles are in excellent condition to ensure they are both safe and reliable. There are a variety of avenues of preventative maintenance that companies can do to their fleet to make sure that they are in proper condition – like regularly inspecting their vehicles, rotating the tires and checking tire pressure. Unfortunately, there are times where your vehicles will break down on the job, even when you regularly conduct routine fleet maintenance.

We’ve seen more and more fleet repair and roadside assistance companies renting our F350 Mechanics Trucks because of their versatility. When units break down in the middle of a job, the 3MT can use the crane to lift equipment, having a 3,200lb capacity, 370 degree rotation and 15’ reach.

In addition to this, our utility trucks have a plethora of storage to carry additional tools and equipment needed on for their repair job. Fleet managers see their crews utilizing all of the storage options, having a full size tool organizer with pullout drawers, as well as an open bed, helping them organize and find tools quickly and easily.

Ready-Mix Concrete Companies

Concrete work is difficult and physically demanding. From basic concrete foundations, to creating superstructures, parking structures and everything in between, having reliable trucks is a must.

With the amount of equipment that’s required to complete a job in concrete construction, having a mechanics truck on-hand is vital for success. It’s important for concrete contractors to have 3MTs on hand because units break down frequently with heavy use. Having an electric crane to help with the heavy lifting and the large bed space to hold additional equipment is important.

Our F350 Mechanics Trucks can easily be upfit with additional storage and accessories to help concrete companies even more when working on their construction projects. Coming standard with manual down and outriggers, work lights, a headache rack and a rear shelf bumper, our utility crane trucks can work any time of day.

These units were built to save you time. Whatever type of job you have coming up, whether that be in fleet repair, concrete construction, telecom, installation and maintenance of SCADA systems or a different project, these units will help you meet your job demands. Get to work with a 3MT.

Want to learn more about adding 3MTs to your fleet? Fill out our quick quote request form and tell us a little bit about your needs and upcoming project demands and we’ll take care of the rest! 

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