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4 Time-Saving Benefits of F550 Reel Loader Trucks

4 Time-Saving Benefits of F550 Reel Loader Trucks

Transporting reels when working in telecommunications is a daunting task. You have different sizes that you need to move from one site to another, but you have no idea how you’re going to transport them all safely and efficiently. Plus, you don’t have much space to work with.

What should you do in this situation?  Rent a F550 Reel Loader.

These trucks are the perfect solution for contractors who work in construction and telecom. With these units, moving reels quickly becomes a single person operation. We’ve compiled 4 benefits of renting F550 Reel Loaders.

1.You eliminate the need for a trailer.

When you rent a F550 Reel Loader, you instantly reduce risk. You don’t need a trailer to carry your reels because of having a truck specifically made to haul different sizes. In addition to this, you can easily navigate busy areas by transporting cable or duct directly on your truck bed, making it easier to drive through traffic or congested areas.

2. You minimize downtime.

When it comes time to payout cable, these units will save you time. Every truck bed comes with a control valve that helps give you control of the reel. For safe fiber optic lay down, add a figure-8 option to your truck rental.

3. You have additional storage.

Space and storage are vital when working on different projects. You need to have a way to carry, organize and access your tools and equipment quickly and easily when working at a job. Our F550 Reel Loaders have space to carry other types of equipment when not transporting a reel. Easily lay the arms down flat on the deck and create space for your tools. 

All of our rentals can easily be upfit based on your job demands and needs. Our upfit department is in-house, so our team can add toolboxes, hitches or other types of upfits needed to help you be as efficient and productive as possible when working. 

4. Increase efficiency when in transport or preparing to payout.

F550 Reel Loaders are built tough. These units can:

  • Lift reels up to 5,000lbs, 102” in diameter and 60” wide
  • Have a GVWR of 19,500lbs
  • Have a max payload of 10,000lbs

These trucks have specific features that help make cable transportation and installation easy. Having a large lifting capacity and spacious bed to carry reels over the truck axle, you have maximum stability when in transport. The HydraWinder add-on option gives you the ability to find the right speed control for your job and adjust the tire-to-reel contact pressure. 

Take fewer trips to your job site. Secure and load reels safely and fast. Stay productive while working. There are so many benefits to renting F550 Reel Loaders – many more than even the ones mentioned above. 

For more information on the specs of these units or on how to add these to your fleet, fill out our quote request form to connect to a sales rep.

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