Local high school takes a test drive in a Fort Wayne truck rental business


Owning a business is no easy task. Experiencing first-hand how different businesses operate can be helpful. This is one reason why PTR opened its doors to 11 business students from South Adams High School.

South Adams is a public high school located in Berne, Indiana. The students had the opportunity to visit the headquarters for themselves earlier this month. PTR is a family owned commercial pickup truck rental company and operates out of Fort Wayne. The business serves nationwide companies and contractors in renewable energy, oil and gas, electrical, construction, and government industries.

The 11 future entrepreneurs who visited were all interested in future business ownership opportunities said business teacher Mrs. Lynn Carroll.

“The purpose of the field trip is for the students to observe and learn the three standards of business. Those being management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.” stated Mrs. Carroll. “While meeting with an entrepreneur, marketing manager, director of operations, and a franchise owner.”

The experience proved to be an excellent example of the advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur or a franchise owner.

The students were introduced to each department within the company during the tour. While learning about different business functions and strategies required to develop a successful new venture.

“The students got to see, first-hand, the contrasts between two types of businesses. And risk versus reward that comes with it,” explained Carroll.

Business Students
Business Students from South Adams High School visited Premier Truck Rental

After a brief welcome and tour of the office, PTR’s Director of Sales and Operations, Adriene Horn, talked to the students and fielded questions about how the company began. Also, the types of products and industries it supports and the value of staying connected to the local community.

Students then participated in a panel discussion with PTR team members from various areas of expertise: Rob Troxel, President; Adriene Horn, Director of Sales and Operations; and Craig Carroll, Marketing Manager. After introductions they begin answering questions and sharing business advice.

For instance, Horn spoke about the importance of running an efficient business to service the entire country.

“Having many rental locations throughout the country allow quicker delivery times to companies in the field instead of moving trucks back and forth from a central location,”  Horn explained in regards to efficiency.

Mr. Troxel also noted that business is not always booming at the beginning. He went on and elaborated the more time you put in and the more you listen to your clients, the small tweaks made along the way will lead you to where you want to go.

CEO of Premier Truck Rental, Rob Troxel, speaks to high school students

The company is well known in the truck rental industry. But, they also customize rental trucks, cargo vans, and towing equipment. This service compliments their pickup and heavy duty truck fleet to match their clients needs. Upfitting trucks and vans at a great price, was one way PTR listened to clients and modified its business to compete against other companies such as Enterprise Truck Rental.

Following the trip, freshmen Nick Miller stated, “it was amazing how they started, then they grew and opened an office in Oklahoma and now they want to expand more.” In addition, classmate Brayden Gilbert mentioned, “it was great that they were willing to tell about how to be a successful entrepreneur.”  

The staff at PTR was very impressed with the level of engagement shown by the students during their tour, and pleased to encourage the scholars in their future entrepreneur endeavors.